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The client reached us after studying the experience that we have with Blockchan Technology and his need was to create an innovative blockchain- enabled freight management solution to accelerate the shipping and logistics process of the company.

Client Requriements

The sole aim of the client was to build a comprehensive solution for the management of shipments to provide freight visibility to every Business-Partner, including customers/shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers. So blockchain being the new and secure technology they needed a blockchain-based solution to enable traceability by keeping every user informed of the critical time-stamped updates at the time of shipment.
The company required a single dashboard from where business partners could access and modify the shipments with vital information.


The client after reviewing all the expertize and suggestions that we discussed over the call choose EMILENCE Pvt. Ltd. to begin their journey in 2018. In the project initiation discussion with the client, We identified the suitable blockchain platform, i.e., Hyperledger Sawtooth. Emilence team initiated the project with visual and technical designs to get feedback from the client.

Emilence provided the client both a web solution and smartphone application with efficient and easy user interfaces for BOL (Bill of Lading), OSD (Overage/Shortage/Damage) and POD (Proof of Delivery) upload capabilities and real-time updates. In addition to this we created a robust freight management platform backed by the blockchain and the following user interfaces:

  Web Portal for Shippers/Customers, Brokers, and Carriers.
  iOS and Android App for drivers.

Also, the solution provided by the team of Emilence Pvt. Ltd. eradicated the prolonged efforts to make calls or send emails by automating business operations through smart contracts.

Broker or Carrier
Multiple Drivers
Another Driver


Since every involved partner can track the shipment at every step of the process, time to deliver the loads dramatically reduced. It brought a sense of inspection to the system with real-time and time-stamped notifications about pick-up and delivery times. Every user engaged in the shipment of goods can view updates on tracking information by sharing the unique itrack number. With complete and controlled freight visibility through the smart contracts, the company experienced the improvement in the delivery rate of goods. The developed solution has customized dashboards for each user persona involved in the process of shipment and delivery.

Here are the roles assigned to different users and how the proposed platform follows hierarchy:

  Shippers/ Customers

Customers sign up to create a new account. After the account is created successfully, they select brokers and carriers through the iTrack system. Once the carriers and brokers are selected, customers can monitor their performances while managing the shipments. As soon as a shipper updates the pick-up or delivery times, brokers and carriers receive notifications instantly via email.


Brokers sign up after getting an invite from the customers. They select the transportation service providers, i.e., carriers to transport their customer's freight. Having the ability to accept, assign, and view loads in transit, brokers can track the performance of carriers. Since the shipment process might have multiple drops and pick-ups, brokers are notified whenever goods are kept in or picked up from warehouses.


Carriers accept the loads assigned to them by brokers and further allocate tasks to the drivers. They can manage the shipments and monitor driver's performance at every step of the delivery process.


Drivers receive an invitation to sign up on a mobile app from transportation service providers to provide the real-time updates on shipments. From accepting shipments, viewing the loads, sending updates on the pickup or deliveries and in-transit delays due to some unfortunate situations, drivers can manage their tasks with a mobile app. The client believed that the blockchain-based blockchain-based platform could reconstruct the way the shipments are tracked. From shippers to brokers, carriers, and drivers, every user in the network can securely share real-time updates to notify on pick-up and delivery times with the help of smart contracts. The innovative solution reduced the burden on a single entity by increasing the visibility on all shipments.


With a single convenient dashboard built on the blockchain, the client and their customers experienced enhancement in the shipment processes between different parties. The digital transformation journey reduced turnaround times, brought efficiency, and accuracy.

Here’s how the solution impacted client and their customers:

  Reduced the cost for maintenance of third-party tools.
  Reduced the time to manage the shipments by bringing transparency.
  Management of BOL/OSD through smart contracts.

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