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Girish Kant Sood , 1 month ago

Design patterns are pivotal tools for developers which helps them to maintain their engineering practices while also putting them...


Girish Kant Sood , 1 month ago

It is defined as the digital currency in which encryption methods are used to organize the creation of currency units….

On-Demand Economy

Girish Kant Sood , 1 month ago

Most of you might have heard about A-LA-CARTE i.e channel-on-demand or Video-On-Demand etc. if not than Netflix is definitely something….


By Gillion, 1 year ago | Technology

A block may be thought of as the container which contains data. In this case of a bitcoin blockchain, every block contains data….

Why Choose App Development Company over Freelancer ?

By Rishi Batra, 20 days ago | Technology

As individuals, we have a tendency to pride ourselves on our excellent adaptation skills and talent to change with the days.….


By Rishi Batra, 1 month ago | Technology

Basically, IoT is a network in which all physical objects are connected to the internet through network devices or routers and exchange data….

Impact of Mobile Applications on Real Estate Industry

Girish Kant Sood , 1.5 month ago | Real Estate Industry

Technology has altered the way of almost every single industry in this modern age. Many industries have benefited & ….

What is Backend Security & why it is needed ?

By Rishi Batra, 1.5 month ago | Security

As we know security over the internet is far more important now than ever before. While making a mobile app, building a website, or doing….

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