Why Choose App Development Company over Freelancer ?

Rishi Batra


As individuals, we have a tendency to pride ourselves on our excellent adaptation skills and talent to change with the days.

Stemming from this, social world changed its place from social connections to net connections, therefore did the world of business.There is no getting around it; our digitally-driven lifestyle has given us little choice but to adapt to technology, and if you haven't already, it's time to get a move on. For your business to get even more business, your voice has to be heard, your brand needs to be seen, and your goals needs to be compelled to be reached. Website development is the key to making those things happen.!! The same way an eye is the window to the soul, a website is the window to the business, giving customers a taste of what you have to offer an enticing them to delve deeper for more. For those Necessity of Business growth and quick results you ought to hire app development company.

In these uncertain times, hiring freelance talent is a bit insecure in terms of the idea behind the project. It may also be cost-effective but remember “skipping the toll highway and taking the free road” is not always a good idea. Therefore importing well-honed skills and fresh perspectives from app development company which makes you free to focus on other aspects of your business is a wise idea. It can assist you in a more competitive manner which can help in completing the projects faster, without permanently adding to your overheads.

As your business goals change with time and new challenges arise that require you to respond to the market in the minimum possible lead time

Hiring freelancers comes with a number of uncertainties like :- is the freelancer legit ?, will deliver the task on time? Will he even complete the task? Or he knows how to keep things confidential? Are only a few of many concerns you should have. Hiring freelance workers also has a dilemma for example businesses are often confused about how to categorize whether a worker is a 1099 independent contractor or a W-2 employee. So today, we are going to discuss what I’ve learned in last few years as someone who hires freelancers online or outsources online

1. Confusing list of 50 freelancers to choose from.

You have just logged in and posted your job ad stating the details of your project and the type of freelance app developer you require for your job, so, within mere minutes you are bombarded with dozens of candidates advertising their unique expertise and outstanding skills. How is that’s even possible? Straight answer could be automated bots. Some freelancers out there are reluctant on spending their precious time reading project requirements and making sure they’re a good fit for the job, so they create bots that automatically bid on projects that meet specific parameters hoping that there are enough clients out there who would fell into their trap. This doesn’t necessarily mean these developers are underqualified, but we doubt you would be willing to hire someone who did not even take the time to read your job description.

After you have rejected all the digitally generated proposals, you will still be left with a dozen “real people” eager to get to project. Most of them are equally professional, and their client reviews are equally positive. One of them claims to have 10 years of experience but their rates are ridiculously low, which is suspicious. Another one says they have worked on a similar project, and yet they fail to provide details. And other developers seems perfect, but they charge way more than you can afford. How are you supposed to choose? So app development company is the answer from your tip to toe problems.

2. New kid on the block

As freelance networks attract large numbers of service providers from low-income countries, which we described as a major benefit above, which is also one of their deadly flaws. Many of these freelance developers try to attract clients by low rates, which more often goes hand in hand with outrageously low quality. Truth be told, the balance is maintained on the customers’ end too, with “cheap clients” expecting to get the next Dropbox built for $1000.

This is not to say that you absolutely can’t find a reliable and cost-effective developer on freelance portals. But it is just that most pros choose to avoid the race to the bottom, bidding on many jobs and dropping their rates dramatically just to land that one project and earn one such positive review. Anyhow, your search for quality work may be very effort and time-consuming.

3. Привет клиент !! …. WHAT???

Having a common language such English is a prerequisite for effective communication, which in turn is vital for getting the desired results. Although most people who go into freelancing are aware of the fact that their knowledge of English is just good enough to discuss work-related topics, you’ll quickly realize that most freelance app developers tend to flatter themselves when it comes to their English proficiency. Like sometimes having discussed a certain issue with the freelancer you’ve hired, you’ll often be left wondering whether they actually meant what you think they meant, and whether they really understand what you told them.

4. Missed Deadlines

Unlike a daily full-time worker, a freelancer is usually juggling 2 or 3 projects additionally to your own.Those different projects may happen to be a lot of exciting or more profitable, thus naturally the freelance developer can devote more attention to them than they are doing to your job.Your project keeps getting place away for when the freelancer has free time, or for when inspiration strikes them. The result? Missed deadlines, time and time again. Another issue with freelance developers is that somehow “life” interferes with their work way more often times than it does for full-time staff.

5. The Freelancer Disappears Completely

Some freelancers get so high on freedom or take some other projects that they forget all the obligations they have to you. Others, especially those new to freelancing, have a hard time staying there for you because they don’t have an employer breathing down their neck. One day they’re there, replying to your messages, keeping you updated on their progress, and the other day they disappear from the face of the earth. Sometimes even with your money already in hand. They don’t reply to your messages anymore, they ignore your calls. That’s where professionals step in to help you to achieve your vision.

6. Stolen Ideas

When you hire a freelance developer, and share your business idea with them, to provide them every detail of your project (as this will obviously result in a better product), and then, all of a sudden, they say they won’t be able to continue with your job or they simply stop responding to your messages. The next thing you know, your brainchild is out there which implemented by somebody else and generating money for them. To make things worse, you have no legal grounds to sue them — ideas cannnot be safeguarded by copyright — and the sour feeling will haunt you for a very long, long time.

7. Lack of Commitment

If client site is down, a client can’t call a freelancer to work on it right at this moment but it’s different for an employee.

While doing a job, on few occasions some people leave the office in the morning. Yes, you heard it right. They left the next day in the morning because there was some technical glitch which made them delay the deliverables and so they couldn’t leave the office at night and were working to make sure deliverables were delivered.

Can’t expect such commitments from most of the freelancers out there.

8. Technical Interview Process

Usually the Client hires developers not knowing the fact that they are not developers and lack the required programming skills. So client lacks the right expertise and knowledge to interview freelancers and therefore hiring is often based on samples provided by other freelancers which are often faked as well.

The process of choosing the right freelancer is one of the biggest disadvantage to the clients therefore the developer can make use of this to their advantage in a way that harms the client . At other times there are types of clients where the reason to hire a freelancer is not because clients can’t do it but they don’t have enough time to do it. Again the samples test can help expedite the process of hiring of the freelancers.

9. No Interpersonal Interactions

Web development company has location and address, so you can visit meet and track the progress of your project, whereas freelancers are geographically apart and there is no way freelancers can have a discussion over a cup of coffee with clients.

It means there are no personal communications between freelancer and clients. Though we have video calls, it’s no way close to a discussion we can have over a cup of coffee standing in a lobby.So clients and freelancers have only professional communication and this is part and parcel of freelancing.

Can’t expect such commitments from most of the freelancers out there.

10. Lack of Team Spirit

Freelancers, especially developer freelancers don’t make a good team.Developers with similar skills will not be comfortable working with each other because they consider their share of work has gone to the other guy.The irony is if the same person works as an employee will prefer other developers of similar skills in the company.

11. Forged Portfolios

Just clear one thing, is there any proof that your freelancer developer has coded this website? See, countless freelancers showcase their false information to get the project. Thus, blindly trusting at their can create havoc in your business. However, in some cases, you can easily spot this freelancer is lying but some are professional scammers and identifying them is tough. Will, you trust a random guy on the web and give all your business details?

12. Zero Control Over Business Processes-

You are completely unaware of how freelancer works. You might have convinced yourself, but the fact is, you have no control over freelancers and the project you have given to them. They can deliver the project on time, or don’t give a damn. They will assure you that they can perform the function but suddenly say no without giving a reason.

And in the case of an outsourcing agency, you will full control over your business processes because agencies usually offer customizable services that make you feel that the experts are just next to you.

13. IRS Violations-

Freelancers in the US are categorized under 1099 employment. However, according to the IRS Factor Test, many 1099 workers don’t classify them accurately. And if IRS finds that 1099 employee is a W-2 employee working remotely, they will catch hold you and handover large tax bills as a penalty for making a fool of the federal tax system.

You won’t face any kind of violations issues from your outsourcing agency. They have their business tax numbers. Thus, the federal tax system has different tax slab for these agencies.

All in all, freelancer help you saving you cost. But in the detour of saving of money, you are actually a risking your business. Therefore, hiring an agency over a freelance is an ideal solution!


In general, an app development company is best at delivering complex work. Especially when the project is not yet defined or the project is of a large scope. A professional app development company can offer a full cycle of services such as professional consulting, business analysis, and business idea evaluation, and can even help you figure out your monetization strategy before your product is developed. App development companies are constantly evolving and improving; they are aware of current software trends and new programming languages and can provide up-to-date solutions. When you hire a app development team, all you need to do is get in touch with project managers, read reports about completed work, approve that work or make some adjustments, and then wait for the next part of your project to be developed. A well-tuned development workflow will never fail to meet deadlines. App development companies value their reputations and strive to develop high-quality products that get positive feedback after they’re launched. While freelancers can become ghosts, companies cannot. Companies prefer building relationships of trust with individual clients and implementing projects for those clients over the long term.

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