Event App Development

Build fully customizable event app to give your attendees an unforgettable experience while maximizing your Return on Event.

Key Points:

Why to choose our Event app solution?

Easy to Use
Own All IP Rights
Cost Effective

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Best Features

Quick & Easy Process with best features


Event Creation


Event Search


Event Calendar


Ticket Booking


Location based services




Admin panel to manage your app.


Photo/Video sharing


In-App Payment


One to one or Group messaging


In-App Analytics

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Prefer us

Why Prefer Us?

  • Search and retain high potential

    We care greatly about work culture and upgrade options. Our custom App development experts evolve and back up your company as long as you need them.

  • Staying in Sync

    We know how important is to stay in sync with the client So that we sway to their rhythm and fully embrace their workflow.

  • Security handling

    This is something that we are very proud of. Lot of companies out there gives you no perfect solution till you put pressure on them but we take this as a challenge and use best practices for high end results.

  • Focus on outcomes, not output

    Our developers do know the difference between “fan” to "fanatic."" Their hearts race not because of how many hours they spent and code, but the results they put on the table.

Now is the Perfect Time to Act, Launch Your Event App Today

Wide Range

A Wide Range of Mobile Event App Solutions

We provide a complete range of services to turn your great ideas into profitable business solutions

Conference Apps
Enterprise event apps
University Event apps
Trade show apps
Corporate Event apps
Healthcare event apps
Tech Suite

Advanced Tech-Suite For Event App Management

High-level Tech stack usage

We know how important a perfect tech stack is for the app's long term vision so keeping in mind to avoid “data silos” as the app is build we take this process very seriously.


A fully customized Admin-Panel will be provided to you so that the app and important data can be manage directly from here.

Mobile App

According to your needs we build the final app with efficient features and functionality. In addition to this we make sure the UI and UX makes an impression as well.

Stop Running Behind Readymade Solution & Get Custom Software To Boost Efficiency By 2X


Advantages of Event App Development

EMILENCE powered features that make your event management app the one that transforms the whole event experience.

  • Manage Multiple Events

    An event app will help you in organizing multiple events all year round, event managers are able to focus on driving attendance and engagement, rather than wasting paper and ink.

  • Personalized Experience

    One person differs from another. People like things personalized to their interests and experience. With an event app, the audience easily picks & chooses what they see and do.

  • Creating Network

    An event mobile app is an effective channel for the streamlined delivery of effective communications.

  • Making Relation Stronger

    Ultimately an event app will let you make your relationship better with your people, partners, and prospects. It will, of course, let you experience a high customer retention rate.

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