The year of 2016 was not kind to startups, and especially the ones running their operations in markets that have a ready room for expansion. Often, a large market signifies ready room for expansion and this warrants an enhanced service representation, or an increase in the number of service providers that are either employed by the enterprise or hired as freelancers. Today, when almost every enterprise running the ‘Uber for X’ model is running their operations through the service providers who form the bridge between the app and the user, it becomes important to evaluate the performance of each service provider as they amount to much more than just delivery boys or cab drivers.

To begin with, what can service providers do in order to enhance the profits of your enterprise? The obvious answer would be for them to excel at their job, but the operations within a ‘Uber for X’ business model do not follow a linear approach. Therefore, the unprecedented occurrences in any business operation are dealt with service providers, more than often, and therefore, we must shift our focus on them in order to identify the areas critical to enhanced profits for any business. Turns out, enterprises that offer training to their service providers in the initial stages find benefits in the long run. Given how the customers wish to be treated today, it is important for your service providers to be on the top of their game.