The success of every On-Demand Business model lies in how well it can use the tech at its disposal and the transparency if offers in terms of costs and schedules. For the ones running a laundry business based on the ‘Uber for X’ model, brownie points can be earned by having the users consistently updated about their clothes and delivery schedule. Similarly, with meal delivery services, meal-delivery services, taking a cue from their contemporaries, are now having interface options and tools that allow the user to know the status of their order from the time it has been placed to the instant when it has been delivered for all the eateries they host. While using any on-demand service, one can rest assured about the security and integrity of the service as every bit of data pertaining to the service is available in the app interface. At the end, it all comes down to how well can the technology in use bridge the gap between the user and the service provider.

As convenient as it may sound, technology is not all about developing an app, hosting it, or inculcating the required GPS features. The development process alone warrants a great degree of research when it comes to the UX and UI Design. These UX and UI Design is critical to the fate of your application in the market, given the fact that there are multiple service providers for a single service in the same marketplace.