Mobile App Analytics

Nowadays, every company has its own key performance indicators and target goals for their business. Capturing data has never been easier, yet the more data we capture, the less we know about how to use it. This is especially true when it comes down to MOBILE APP ANALYTICS.

Give insights about user behaviour

Measure user acquisition

Channelize marketing efforts

Fine tune your mobile app

Mobile Analytics: A Complete Guide to App Retention and Engagement


The entire mobile analytics field is dedicated to the nuances of user behaviour. From acquisition and retention to inactivity and funnel analysis, businesses are investing heavily in capturing and measuring metrics about their mobile users. The problem? The web is full of sales pitches and not enough quality information about analytics for mobile apps. We’re aiming to change that.

What is Mobile Analytics?

Mobile analytics is the practice of collecting user behaviour data, determining intent from those metrics and taking action to drive retention, engagement, and conversion. The field includes the mobile web, but tends to focus on analytics for native iOS and Android applications.

Getting Started with Mobile Analytics

How to Analyse Mobile User Behaviour?

Ok, we are acquiring users and we are engaging with them in a variety of ways. It will now be essential for us to understand how users interact with and move through the app. We want to be able to answer questions such as:

Do we have any bottlenecks?

Where are users leaving the app?

How do users behave differently depending on operating system, language, etc.?

User Retention: The Foundation of Mobile Apps

Retention is notoriously hard to measure and its importance is even harder to quantify. A strong retention strategy creates a healthy business and a mobile app that people love using. The most important Cleaner data leads to better analysis. Your ability to retain customers is often a reflection of your entire business.

Mobile Metrics: The Benchmarks

  • 77% Average percentage of daily active users lost in the first three days.
  • 95% Difference in cost of re-engaging users v/s acquiring new ones.
  • $77 Billion Expected market for mobile apps by 2017
  • 5% Just a 5% increase in retention can increase revenue up to 95%

Avoiding Common Analytics Mistakes Bad data, bias, misinterpretation—there are so many ways that mobile app metrics can lead you astray if you aren’t careful.


To actually start collecting data about your users, gathering insights, and executing on them, you need the right tools.


Understand who your users are and how they’re using your app.


Send richer, more compelling messages that deliver results and improve your app’s performance.


See what’s working, what’s not, and make adjustments to squeeze every bit of ROI out of your app.

The Best in the Business:

Mobile Analytics Experts to Follow If you want to get better at building growth, you need to constantly be learning from those who came before you.

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