Farmers Creed

FarmersCreed is an Autopilot for Farmers.

FarmersCreed takes the expertise and experience of successful farmers and distills them into simple daily tasks that helps the novice get the same result as the professional.


• PERSONALIZED DAILY TASKS: Simple daily tasks personalized to your farm

• RECORD KEEPING: Concise records are kept automatically after task is performed

• PERFORMANCE MONITORING: Know the true state of your farms performance at a glance

• REPORT: Easily create reports of all farm activities

• INVENTORY CONTROL: Control all farms inventory with ease

• FRAUD DETECTION: Be alerted of abnormal activities on the farm immediately they occur

• MONITORING: Remotely monitor all farms operations

• AUDIT: Need to perform a random audit to put your staff on check, audits are made easy.

• TRAINING: don’t know how to perform a task, watch the training videos and learn how.

• DISEASE TREATMENT: Have a disease outbreak, visit our disease centre and know the treatment to administer