Poppin Place

At Poppin our mission is to provide customers with the quickest and fastest way to find an establishment with food, drinks, or entertainment. The app is designed for individuals to find an accessible location near them. When the app is opened, the user can create a custom personalized page that will allow them to see surrounding locations.

This is where the user can gain points. The points are acquired in two ways. One by checking into a location, and two for buying a special provided by participating locations. The rewarded points can then be spent at that location. It is convenient for local users that want to be rewarded for the business they supply to their frequently visited locations.

It is also useful for the person who is on vacation seeking a good establishment suited for the customers needs. The app is also designed to bring new customers to locations that would otherwise be unknown without the app. It provides free advertisement for participating locations and lets them show their daily specials to customers.


CTHRU simplifies your food decision making process.

Whether you are 5 or 50 years old, CTHRU is a simple, easy-to-use QR/Barcode reader that translates food information made available by grocery manufacturers into meal options for you and your family.

Translated into more than 40 languages, it stands out against other APPS with many advanced features such as allergy information, organic/sustainability, food recall information and global grocery, market and restaurant options that you will not find in any ordinary scanner.

CTHRU Nutrition is based on

• Reliable and Secure Platform
• Simple navigation through app
• Your personal target preferences
• Tons of features like add to shopping list, get pricing, get coupons, etc.
• Proprietary CThru Decision Making Funnel
• Share with social media like Facebook, Twitter.
• Available on web as well