Shout Answers

We believe that your opinion is valuable and should be heard! With Shout you can video record opinions for companies and receive a reward.
Companies always wanted to hear your story, but until now they tried to so by sending you online surveys or interview you on the phone. These times are gone, because with Shout you can:
• Answer questions whenever and wherever you like
• Answer questions in the easiest way possible. Simply speak out your thoughts and video record yourself.
• Earn money in return for your opinion
This is how it works:
• Download the Shout app and receive questions form companies on your phone
• Answer the criteria question to see if you match the target group
• Video record 4 answers of 15-90 seconds
• Receive 4-8 CHF for your answers
• Get the money transferred to your account once you have accumulated at least 30 CHF


FOR : Emilence