Humanity United humanitarian wanted to propose to their partners to reinvent the humanitarian aid supply chain with blockchain.


Our client was researching on improving their infrastructure of pharma supply and when they contacted us we suggested them to build a distributed ledger platform to enable end-to-end traceability across the supply chain of medicines. We are working with the blockchain technology from a very long time and thus we know that the existing supply chain process being used by the client was insufficient to track the shipment at every stage of distribution. They wanted to develop a secure Pharma Supply Chain platform backed by the blockchain to bring trust and traceability to the ecosystem and we provided a proper Case study and use cases to them to pitch their partners.

The main focus was to solve two main problems:

  Theft: As we all know there is a lot of cons out there that are affecting the pharma industry by replacing original medicines with counterfeit medicine. So the client wanted to improve the accountability of medicines delivery.
  Recalling of drugs: The procurement manager was not able to trace efficiently the medicines which can expire within the supply chain at various locations. The client wanted to improve traceability and recalling of drugs.


We pitched that client and made him understand that blockchain could restructure the way aid is distributed by bringing more clarity to the system. From manufacturing to delivering and distributing medicines to NGOs, hospitals or other agencies, every stakeholder or partner within the network can trace the captured data at every step of the supply chain process.

As the information stored on the distributed ledger remains untouched at all times, it is now possible for all the partners or stakeholders of the system to trace back the records of pharma drugs across the supply chain. In addition to this Smart contracts reduce the burden on a single entity by automating the transactional logic when the specific business conditions were met. Also, the blockchain-based supply chain ecosystem notifies members of the network in case the delivered quantity exceeds or falls short of the specific quantity, enabling them to manage the inventory of the medicines quickly.

Core aspects that were focused on were:

Track and Trace
Secure Communication
Recall requests
Admin Controls
Analytical Reports


Humanity United selected Emilence Pvt. Ltd. to start their journey in 2019. With our deep understanding of the blockchain platforms, we decided to build a permissioned blockchain-based supply chain platform using Hyperledger Sawtooth. The process started with gathering information on the daily needs of the business and identifying the stakeholders, role and technology interfaces. Our team of blockchain developers built a prototype concept for super-admin to track the shipment from one site to another. With a usability simulated test, we were able to validate early if the platform can work in remote locations.

Emilence Pvt. Ltd. developed the permissioned blockchain solution and also the following user interfaces:

  Web Portal for Admin, Procurement Manager, and Security Auditor built on MEAN stack.
  Native Android and iOS app for the auditors.


Since every individual in the process can track the supply chain, time spent on completing requests shockingly reduced. It also improved the inventory management process to redirect a medicine in case of an emergency. Data integrity was also a key part and it was maintained throughout the business processes as product tracking was shared with all the stakeholders. The Organisation can manage inventory levels as well by receiving real-time notifications whenever medicines experience shortage or get expired. By reducing the delivery delays and offering end to end traceability, it significantly improved the delivery rate of the medicine shipments and recalling of drug batch.

With a blockchain-based solution, our client and their customers experienced transparency in the transfer of the drugs between different parties in the supply chain. Our client's digital transformation journey enhanced turnaround times, efficiency, accuracy, and operational readiness

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