User Acquisition

As of now, there are over 2.8 million apps in the Google Play store and 2.2 million apps in App Store.

It’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. To be talked about. To be remarkable. The question is: how you develop a mobile app that is so valuable that people use it every month? Every week? Or better yet- every day.

How can we market our Application ?


Build a product that solves a problem.

  • Build a referral program: Incentivize your early users to refer your app to their friends. Uber did a fantastic job by leveraging $10 ride credits for people that referred the app to others.
  • Leverage a freemium model.
  • Make your paid app free for a limited time.
  • Write and promote content about the problem your app solves. Produce content that adds value to your customers: whether it’s blog posts, eBooks, videos or webinars.
  • Answer questions on Quora: Target questions that center around pain points your app solves to help build awareness around your target audience.
  • Attend and host local marketing events: In our world that’s so driven by swipes and texts, remember how impactful in-person events can be in building buzz.
  • Create strategic partnerships: Look for mutually beneficial partnerships that can expand your app’s reach to more people.
  • Experiment with how you ask users for reviews: Ratings and reviews are one of the most visible component of an app’s listing and do influence a person to tap through or download. Reviews are social proof.

The Nine Core Elements to Marketing


Not only do we rock at apps, but we can also help you with websites, teaser videos, brochures, advertisements, and more.

Social Media

Our team can help grow the number of users via the lean and innovative techniques.

User Acquisition via Growth Hacking

Our team can help grow the number of users via the lean and innovative techniques.

App Store Optimisation

We can help get your app in the top search results on the app store on searching the keywords.

Branding and Messaging

Words, graphics are an effective way to magnetise users which we can help with.

Community Management

We can help set up engaging conversations between the users and your company for a two way exchange advertisements, and more.

Launch Strategy

First impression is the last impression and we can help you step in on the market in the right way.

Public Relations

Captivating the industry and creating a ripple in the media. Our team is a genius at that.

Internal Stakeholders

We can help get internal stakeholders on the job to make your work easier during the launch.

Analyze User Behavior

Do you have deep insights into user users? To really drive user growth, improve retention and increase monetization, you’ve got to have deep insights into user behaviour. Analytics will help you achieve that.

User Retention

It’s never easy to create an enduring customer relationship and brand loyalty in the world where loyalty in the world is rare, choices are endless and competition is tough. But the more you understand your audience, understand the importance of good mobile strategy and pay attention to user experience, the easier it will be for your brand. If you do Build a Great Experience, Customers Tell each other about that. Hence Referrals are very powerful.

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