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Well you will be surprised to know that Emilence started with a team of 4 passionate young minds and today 60+ people are working at Emilence consisting of Designers, Back-end and front-end developers, Testers, Security experts and Business analysts and managers. We started this app development company just with a vision to create and deliver awesome apps and well one thing is for sure, we are definitely living it.

Why Global Companies Choose Us?

Emilence Design Studio

Emilence Studio is our in-house design studio that just focus on innovation and Kick-ass designs. We’ll be honest with you a lot of mobile app development companies out there doesn’t have in-house designers and due to this they outsource the designs which creates risk when it comes to confidentiality. So we take this aspect very seriously and that is why we have a separate team of designers that creates everything from scratch and without copying any old styles or using templates.

For us designs are soul of the app and greatly affects the all round outlook of a certain product. At the end what we try to achieve is a very attractive and easy to use User experience that even a 10 year or 70 year old person can understand easily.

How we improved and grew

At Emilence we believe in collective view points and for that alot of stress is given on discussion and how we can achieve efficiency in terms of app development and innovation. In addition to this we dont believe in shortcuts but believe in smart work a peer to peer process is followed doing the whole development process because one thing that we have learnt from vast experience its not about the quantity but what matters the most is quality.

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