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Call your friend in 3D. See him/her right in front of you. (Requires the latest version of ARCore) Messaging, chat, share images, videos, audio, emojis. Have fun. "Beam me up Scotty". Talk to and see your friend as a Hologram, using Augmented Reality. Your phone is all you need. Do new things and share cool screen videos.

" Bring your friends to the newest social network! See your friends in 3D directly in front of you!


A one stop solution for taking care of your pet's health and diet. For pet owners it is more than an app it is a lifestyle and a daily part of their lives. The main vision is to give the pets extensive care so that they can be free from diseases and health disorders.

" As they are more than a Pet, they are our friend and a family member.


Discover local stores near you using the Nearr Augmented Reality Technology. Nearr Augmented Reality App helps you to discover local stores around your immediate vicinity. Nearr scans retail stores near you & help you to buy products easily.

Swift Spar

Stay connected with highly motivated people in any city around the world. . Consistently find activities and events to do locally. . Form Groups with people and compete on teams. . Get rewarded for doing the things you love. . Provide real-time feedback through the app and help us build "the community's platform." Read our Terms and Conditions pre-install and our Privacy Policy under Settings.

"Swift Spar does not run GPS in the background unless you allow us to do so by turning on optional features that require GPS. Continued use of GPS running in the background can drain your battery.

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